Hi Folks. I took a little break from making picks. I’m back. I’ve been gone a little while, so my apologies if that negatively impacted anyone. I just needed a little break after two years in the “pick biz”. Ha. (not a total oxymoron, but close) My site had to be updated as GoDaddy no longer supported my old store, and i was ready to make some changes anyway. In the process I decided to re-assess ClawJam picks and how I should proceed…..and also if I should proceed at all….and I have decided to.

       I am happy to say that I’ve made picks for Yonder Mountain String Band, Will Wu (of Steve Martin/Edie Brickell’s “Bright Star” broadway musical West Coast version fame) Ryan Cavanaugh, the Steel Wheels, Clifton Hicks, John McEuen,…and many other talented banjoists….oh, and some guy named Steve Martin.   **disclaimer....some of these guys ordered picks and some I just showed up at their gigs and hooked them up

       Clifton Hicks did a real nice review on his Patreon Page. If you are interested in 2 finger, over hand or most any style of old-time banjo playing really…..or interested in the history of banjo in general…..Clifton’s site is the most educational and generous thing around….check him out. He takes questions too.  Clifton is the real deal. For a buck or 2 you can join his Patreon….but give him what you can spare…authentic musicians need the support.       Thank You, Clifton!       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHa5V0ZFjKE&t=472s

        John Lawless did a real nice article in Bluegrass Today on the picks…..which led to an order from Mr. Steve Martin…..Steve and I are now close friends. (not really, he’s kind of a jerk)…. just kidding, Steve….you’re a legend…..in everyone’s minds. Mr. Martin has done much to promote the 5 string banjo, and making some picks for him was an honor.    Thank You Steve and Thank You, John!    https://bluegrasstoday.com/clawjammer-picks-go-both-ways-on-banjo/

        The biggest bummer about the picks for me (and most of you) is the cost. This is something I’ve wrestled with…I hate high prices as much as anyone.…and it made me want to quit making them for awhile. If I could sell them for cheaper I would….but weighing out all the factors….especially my time…..unfortunately it is what it is. I do offer money back if you’re not happy.  (see FAQ)

         In the past 2 years since I launched I’ve learned a few things. Please visit the FAQ page to read some answers to common questions.

Thanks…..”Make YOUR Music!”