ClawJam Demo


Playing Example....Angeline

Angeline the Baker....on my new Bishline Hybrid.

Playing example ...Fleetwood Mac

Never Going Back Again/ Lindsey Buckingham

My Day with John McEuen

Please check out my blog about this day.....John is the greatest!

ClawJam picks on Nylon or “Nylgut” strings

Some folks have asked, so here’s a short demo video of me using a couple different sets of picks vs. bare fingers on nylgut strings. In short, they sound just fine to me but opinions and people’s ears vary. Keep in mind I do not recommend the copper picks for steel strings…..being a softer metal than a steel string…..they wear out quicker. See FAQ on www.clawjam.com I’m no expert on nylon strings…..this is my first time using them……so take that into consideration.

Thanks for watching……hope this is helpful!